Sunday, 18 April 2010

Inspirational Time

Hi all,
How are you today?

I just want to share a thought.
"Great things can only come from inspired minds." Find your sources of inspiration and keep them safe, very safe!

I feel inspired by so many things, even simple things!

People (they know who) can inspire me in many different ways.
Films mess with my feelings in a good way.
Cities, especially really big and busy ones, make me feel free and are the source for the most diverse of inspirations. The simple fact of walking through people, being at new and strange (good) places, sitting outside of a cafe looking at the busy street and thinking of all things that might have happened there, where the people are going, why? My thoughts move faster than me and that keeps me inspired!
Some sources are even from my quotidian activities, things that I see/do every single day but in that moment they were "different" and made me feel different.

All of them make me dream...

Whatever your sources are, keep them! From inspiration comes motivation and from motivation you can change the World, at least yours!

P.s. Don't forget, to be able to see through them, you need to stop sometimes, relax!

See you later.



  1. Beautiful! I loved it! Keep being inspired and inspiring and making others dream.

  2. I forgot a very important source of inspiration, music!
    It's so present in my life that I just didn't even realised how much it has helped! :)