Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Way of Living!

This is a quick post, some people will understand, some will even know the feeling, some won't.

8h - Wake up and get ready to go to work
~ - Read a book in the bus
9h30 - Start working while trying the impossible task of forgetting my second life as superhero at night
12h - Have a relaxed and tasty lunch, happiness is there and fulfilment is almost here, I can't stop dreaming about all there is to come
13h - Get back to work
18h - Leave work, tired
~ - Read book in the bus while switching to the superhero mindset, feel the excitement and energy grow inside
18h30 - Say hello to the special one waiting for me, at home
~ - Spend some quality time with the loved one, mostly speaking about future and dreams :) (ohh her patience). Take the opportunity to relax as much as I can and get even more excited and energetic! Ah, make dinner, obviously
19h30 - Have dinner
20h - Wear my special clothes and start my superhero tasks
2h - Look surprised at the time and think "I still have time for some more superhero action"
3h ~ 5h - Go to bed after the great battle of Excitement vs. Sleepy Head and have a great quick dream
8h - Wake up again, but still dreaming...

Have a great night,


  1. How I relate to that Routine...

  2. :) Finally someone got it :)
    Good luck with and let's see, we might see each other on our superhero tasks :)