Tuesday, 24 November 2009

After all, there is more...

After all there is more than Google!

At the same day I read about the German government claiming that Google Analytics is illegal http://bit.ly/75gJpr I found a strange, but promising, new Operating System that will compete with Chrome OS. Can Google be hurt?

I'm speaking about Jolicloud. Some would say - "that's just another operating system... It won't work" - well, you may be right or... Maybe not!

Why am I so excited? In the past few days I've been trying to convince everyone that Chrome OS is the future. Apart of one or two people, no one believed in me. I can understand, is still a big jump forward.
Between some minor reasons for the 'failure' of Google Chrome OS, there was a major and rather concerning one, the fact it is just a browser and everything is completely on the Cloud. For me it isn't an issue, that's exactly what I'm trying to do now, but I kind of understand those concerns.

This brings us back to Jolicloud - "Why are you so excited?" (you ask again) - Well, Jolicloud follows the same path as Chrome OS, that's reason enough for me but, as if it wasn't enough, it is actually compatible with offline applications and data (with a proper file system) for people concerned with privacy. It's based on Ubuntu so it is compatible with some well known applications, as it proves by the great software collection it comes with.
This is all great but you might be still thinking - "Yah, but that won't be enough to convince users to use it, at least the casual ones!" - again, you might be right but, I left the best to the end... It actually runs Windows applications!

I'm not saying everything will be perfect, far from it, but it looks much better than Chrome OS with its iPhone look and feel and more of a 'new Operating System for our times' instead of trying to be too extremist.

I've got an invitation to the Alpha version of Jolicloud and I'm currently downloading it (600MB not much and yes, it runs on a fair list of netbooks and laptops). I'll have more to say after installing and using it.


Last but not least, here are some of the applications I've started using last week:

Application browser
See for yourself, it's like Google Apps but, from what I've seen, much more complete! Try Zoho Writer!
You can use your Google Account to register, i's really easy and you won't be disappointed.

Slideshow creator
Not much to say... cool but not that useful (for me at least).

Was great to 'speak' with you again.
See you later!


  1. I'm also for google OS, I think it'll be a big hit, specially on small companies. Imagine an accounting company... why should they spend money on windows and system administration? They could use that "online OS" and have everything they need.

    I already do that, I only use google docs, gmail, calendar, etc, etc.

  2. I'm looking forward to trying this. It may be the best solution for netbooks, in fact.

  3. PRE, have you looked at Zoho.com ? :)
    I've tried Jolicloud... Looks much better than windows but still a way to go, although I like the way they deliver Apps.

    I didn't know there's already so many followers of the "cloud" movement :)