Saturday, 14 November 2009

The Master Plan

I am that type of person that gets easily excited with new stuff, any stuff, not only geeky stuff.
OK, this week I bought one of those tiny laptops, a netbook! You might be thinking now - "But netbooks aren't new" - yep, I know, this isn't the "new stuff" I was talking about.

Some weeks ago I started putting together a plan, a master plan to dominate the world or, at least, the virtual world. I'm talking about 'The Cloud'! And now you think - "But that isn't new either!" - OK! But I didn't know back then!

The plan is simple:

  • Buy a netbook (without optical drive)
  • Don't install any of those useful software products that you so 'desperately' need
  • Understand what you really miss
  • Look online for a good solution
  • Start using it
  • Spread the word!

For those asking "Why?", I ask "Why not?".
As I said, I love new stuff and I love a good challenge. I know that most of the desktop tools are still better than their online younger brothers. I want to help those young little monsters and there is only one way, by using them.
There is still some usability problems with most of the online tools already available, but it still makes sense to me.

While walking this path I hope to help and being helped by others with a similar interest.
The only victim here will be my wife, poor girl, she'll be my experiment mouse :)


  1. Thanks Pre :)
    I hope you enjoy my new adventure...

  2. Why content yourself with the virtual world? But, ok, being the Master of the Cloudy Universe will be quite a ride!

  3. We all have our master plans, and we're all called crazy for ever believing we can accomplish what we set for ourselves.....
    On the other hand, we never even needed to know you had a master plan to call you nuts.
    You never did make much sense. :D
    Cumprimentos de Peniche....e de uma tribo partida...