Monday, 23 November 2009

Defining Cloud

Quick post today...
Firstly, I just saw Little Big Planet at HMV and I must admit, it's a great feeling to see our game on the shelves!

I was thinking on my next post when I realised I should probably 'define' the concept of Cloud as a starting point so, for quick reference, open and read (or look at the drawings) these links:

This will definitely help defining it...

Now I can continue thinking on my next post :)

See you later,


  1. So I take it you're counting cloud apps that aren't web apps, like Spotify?

    Spotify takes up lots of HD space! You won't be able to do that with Chrome OS. Are you finding a new music solution?

    I hope Spotify makes a web based version for streaming only :-)

  2. Obviously, taking up lots of HD space won't be acceptable later on (for what I want to achieve) but, for now, I'm using Spotify and I look at it as a 'custom browser' to a web service.
    I do agree they should have browser based service.

    Well, that gives me an idea and I'll do a search for other options :)

    Thanks Joe

  3. Apparently it won't take long to get browser based players...
    Unfortunately only available in US.