Friday, 20 November 2009

Chrome OS & Web Apps

This week was (and still is, here) Little Big Planet release week :)
The game is getting really good reviews and that is reflected on the happy faces around the studio.

There are already some good levels online that you can try (yes, because you bought or will buy the game!).

Today's big news were Google Chrome OS Event.
I am quite excited about it because it answers some of the needs of my Master Plan.
Well... Enough of words, here are two videos that can explain it better:

The concept of Chrome OS.

And some UI working :)

And to finish, here are some Web Apps that I discovered recently. These are probably good candidates for Apps to use on Chrome OS.
I promise to talk more about them as soon as I start using more frequently but I'd also like to know what you think.

Paint software.
For my usage of paint software it doesn't make sense to pay for it, but I still want to be able to use some good quality functionality. It looks impressive and is quite responsive.

Cloud disk.
Amazing, has been really useful between my work and home machines. Apparently has a great iPhone App but I don't have one to try it.

Music player (streaming)
Can't live without it now, it's my only music player at the moment and I enjoy the radio feature, although some times it fails miserably when choosing songs.

I only found it yesterday (thanks Marco) and I decided to give it a try by writing some notes for this post. For now looks like Google Docs (that I still prefer) but I didn't use the 'cool' features yet. Again, some nice mobile Apps but not on my phone...

? Waving software ?
Started using this with my brother and we've been discussing some topics on it, though I still don't find it that revolutionary yet... I need to try using more of its features.

Programming environment.
Just started using but has some really nice ideas, it'll probably be my next home programming environment.

See you around...

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